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Skincare Series Skincare Series Part 1: My Facialist Explained to Me Why Your Skin Ages, And The 3 Things You Need To Start Doing About It

cleansing wipes for cleansing skin

The next 2 posts are part of T20S’s Skincare Series! 👐We worked with my facialist, Shari Spakes,  to share everything you need to know about having glowing, like a baby’s bottom skin in your 20s (and beyond). Shari has been featured in publications like Goop and Allure (and is one of the only reasons my skin is in semi-good shape).

I learned SO much about keeping my skin healthy by doing this post with Shari, I can’t wait to hear what you learn too. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with T20S, Shari!  Read More >>